A Reprioritization

Every once in a while, I can feel myself falling into old habits. Watching shows that aren’t bad… but aren’t good. Reading books that aren’t bad… but aren’t good.

Have you ever heard the phrase “We are what we repeatedly do” or Philippians 4:8 –

8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things arepure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Basically, what we put into our minds become.. who we become!

So every once in a while, when I feel like that might be happening, I take a break from all those things. Social media, books that aren’t my scriptures or other uplifting materials. I go back to my deseret book audio books, conference talks, etc.

This might seem silly to some people, maybe even extreme. But it helps to refocus me. To make sure that my mind is where I want it to be. This isn’t someone else telling me what I should or shouldn’t be doing or that I should be taking social media breaks, etc. (except maybe some nudges from the Spirit) but it’s my choice. It’s something I need. Something I think we all probably need from time to time.

So in the last few days, I’ve listened to a talk by Jack R. Christianson called, “Every Day Power from the Book of Mormon – Fortifying Your Foudation of Faith”. It’s on the deseret book audio app.

1081923 every day power from the book of mormon_399x400

It’s 1 hour long and is phenomenal! You can hear his passion for his faith in his voice. He talks about the challenge to read the Book of Mormon within 90 days that the Prophet extended to the women, which is over now but that’s okay! He talks about many other things too and everyone should listen to it!

The next one I started listening to is “Christ in Every Hour” by Anthony Sweat.


I’m about half way through it and it is also really moving. It talks about Christs healing power, the power of forgiveness and repentance. And that’s just the half I’ve listened to so far!

I’ve also been able to organize the house more and I completed 6 ceu credits to go towards getting my midwifery certification back as well. The distraction of the world is real! Even in my patriarchal blessing, it states that I will have to be diligent in screening out the things in media, be careful about places I go, etc. That Satan will have no power over me that I do not allow him to have.

Man! I wish I could remember this always! This is why they tell you to read these blessings often! There’s things in there that not only help you with your life, but keep your priorities straight as well.

So here we are. I’m cocooning myself in spiritual things plus goals that I need to accomplish until I feel like I can balance things more effectively.

Thankfully, this journal is one of those things that I feel needs to be more of a priority. Not because I think anyone actually reads it… but because it’s helpful for me to process and get my priorities out of my head somewhere. And this is that place.


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